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You may recognise her voice from film soundtracks, Broadway, The NBC Today Show or the airy music in Riverdance. Or maybe it reminds you of the ethereal tones of Ruelle, Aurora, or Florence + The Machine. That voice belongs to MEARA. 
Life is a dance of shadows and light. MEARA, with stories of passion and power, healing and womanhood, creates the soundtrack. Blessed with synaesthesia, the British/ American songstress was born, literally into a world where music is colour. Her work dances delicately between cinematic, ethereal and indie music. Life’s unfolding stories are told here with a voice that will put a shine on your soul and guide you through the darkness. 
MEARA has created a sophisticated tale of independence, told as a mother, a storyteller and a friend to womenkind. MEARA’s creativity will shock you in its finesse and take your hand with a powerful grip wrapped in a silk glove. This is a music of love, redemption and dreams of light and life. Her stories will keep you afloat in a space of light and empathy where your own voice can now be heard.

MEARA's vocal range will send shivers down your spine, while bold, thumping drum and soaring string arrangements awaken a feeling deep inside yourself. Both soft and threatening, warm and cold, earthy and digital MEARA brings her influences of cinematic, ethereal, and baroque-pop into the NOW and gives an edgy, futuristic twist, taking the listener on a journey. 


“Blackbird”, the first chapter in a string of singles culminating in an album, speaks of awakening, reconnection and embracing the dark like a long-lost friend. The artist confides, "Blackbird is about reconnecting with your fierce unapologetic self, trusting your inner voice and your inner power. I’ve always performed other people’s music yet dreamed of writing my own. I wanted to step out of that box. I want to inspire people to discover their own story, their own voice and pursue their dreams. Our journeys are never a straight line.”  




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