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When we face the shadows within ourselves, and integrate them into our everyday day existence, they become our biggest gifts. 

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Meara McIntyre AKA “Phoenix of the Lakes” is a British/ American singer, songwriter. She has performed on Broadway as part of the Tony nominated show, ‘Riverdance’. She sang the lead female role and performed with the Riverdance Singers, including promo spots on NBC's Today Show and the US National Anthem at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks. She recorded vocals for the Nicolas Cage and Kate Winslet movie ‘A Christmas Carol’, and has sung on Broadway’s ‘Carols for a Cure’. Classically trained, she has performed around the world singing in 7 languages. Her goal as an artist is to make music that is healing, truthful, powerful and honest.


Her music is both soft & threatening , warm & cold, earthy & digital. Born with Celtic blood, her ethereal and bold voice floats on visceral drums of battle & strings of hope, giving you comfort & spitting fire. Meara brings her influence of folk, baroque pop, Celtic and classical music into the NOW and gives it an edgy & futuristic twist, taking the listener on a journey. 


She draws upon influences from classic artists like Kate Bush and Enya, with contemporary elements remindful of Aurora, Ruelle and Florence & The Machine. 

"I always sang other people's music, yet dreamed of writing my own. I wanted to step out of that box, face my own shadow and create the dream of my own music. I want to encourage others to face their own shadows and pursue their dreams - whatever they may be."








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